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3D Silicone Mask Bracket Breathing Mask Insert for Adults and Kids,Face Inner Support Frame for Comfortable Wearing,Protects Makeup Enhanced Breathability and Comfort Reusable No Fog(5 Pack, Gray)

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  • ★[LIPSTICK PROTECTION STAND]:The silicone 3D mask bracket internal support frame makes the mask non-stick lipstick and protects your makeup from being messed up.Silicone 3D face mask brackets prevent makeup removal,protect lipstick,expand the more breathing space to help smooth breathing.★[This face bracket with filter adds internal support, which can contact the face without causing indentation.]
  • ★[BREATHING BRACKET FOR MASKS EASY TO USE]:The 3D face mask bracket silicone is very soft, light and strong. The 3D mask bracket silicone has two fixing clips on both sides, and you can hang the 3D mask bracket silicone on the mask to prevent sliding.Silicone 3D Mask bracket internal support frame holds up the mask fabric around the mouth to create more breathing space when a mask is put on face.
  • ★[3D MASK BRACKET LARGE VENTS]:The new 3D silicone mask bracket can protect the nose and mouth, silicone face mask brackets providing you with a cooler breathing space, making the nose breathing more smoothly, and keeping the glasses away from fog.The 3D mask bracket silicone will not block the sound, and maintain the air circulation, breathing bracket for masks which will not make you feel hot and sweaty.
  • ★[FACE MASK BRACKETS DAILY APPLICATION]:Our 3D silicone mask bracket family package for you,silicone face bracket for mask very soft, breathing bracket for masks durable and breathable material for four season.Even if you wear a hat and earmuffs, you can use 3D silicone mask bracket.★[Some customers don't know how to use this mask support frame. Please check the video introduction on the website.]
  • ★[DURABLE AND REUSABLE]:Silicone 3D mask bracket internal support frame lipstick protection stand made is food-grade silicone,silicone face mask accessories easy to clean and can be washed and reused at high temperature.4.3×3.4×1.2inches,weigh 0.6oz.3D silicone face mask insert easy to use and environmentally friendly.★[If there is any problem with our face mask support frame, please contact us and we will give you a satisfactory reply.]
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