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Welcome Amazon Sellers!


Here at HomeProductTesting.org we are the only site known to solve your need to liquidate your inventory to avoid fees.

It’s no question that Amazon sellers today are being hit with hefty storage fees for their under-preforming products that take up space.

Does this email seem familiar?

Image-affilateAmazon is diligently seeking merchants with leftover inventory to charge. Don’t be a victim!

At HomeProductTesting.org, we are proud to announce our liquidation services. With your monthly subscription, not only are you able to obtain UNLIMITED honest reviews for your products, but you also obtain access to UNLIMITED liquidations! Simply advertise your under-preforming products to our MASSIVE database of Amazon buyers and let the magic work itself!

Just think, by having your products sit and collecting fees, you make zero cents out of a dollar. If you were given the option to get 10 cents out of a dollar back from your investment, would you take it? Of course! Why pay fees when you can offset or even earn a return back on your inventory. Liquidation is the key!

With our liquidation service you can now recover a portion of your inventory costs!

We have THOUSANDS of hungry Amazon members waiting to get ahold of your products so you can make up for those expensive FBA inventory fees!

Sign up today and start liquidating your inventory!

 Only $29/mo with a 10 day FREE trial!

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Some feedback from merchants:

“Hi, I just want to let you know that you are doing an awesome job with this site. I have gotten really good reviews and so much value from you. Thank you Helene”

“Hi David: I’m enjoying your review service. I’ve sent several members to your website to get signed up…. Thanks, Joseph Densler”

“I am stunned over the reviews and feedback I am getting – and that it is so transparent and I can choose by myself, if I want to send them a coupon code or not. -BT”