White Noise Machine Aiugko Sleep Machine with Baby Soothing Night Light 9 Relaxing Nature Sounds Baby Shusher Sleep Sound Machine Portable Sleep Therapy Machine for Travel Home Office Relaxation

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  • ♫ Deep Relaxation with Soothing Nature Sounds -- Aiugko white noise sound machine for sleeping has white noise, fan sounds, sounds forest, ocean sounds, rain sleep sounds, brook, crickets, cradlesongs and fetal tone. Crystal clear sounds that have no breaks. Aiugko sleep sound machine provides you a relaxing listening experience, lulling you to sleep faster.
  • ♫Warm Light Guards Sweet Dream -- Sleep therapy sound machines offer constant breathing music night light sleep lamp that create extra sense of safety and sound sleep. Kids fall asleep with ease and relax under soft light and soothing sound background baby sound machines for sleeping. Greatest night light machines for kids and adults.
  • ♫Auto-Off Timer & Adjustable Volume -- Aiugko sleep easy sound machine can be played 15, 30, 60 min auto-off timer options. Leave sleep aid machine playing continuously for all night deep sleep or set a specific time. Easily adjust white noise maker most suitable volume with the knob. Ready to soothe, batteries included.
  • ♫ Widely Used Sleep Soothers -- Comfort pets, relax mind, increase focus. Sleep easy machines are great for babies, restless sleepers, shift workers, students, spouses of snorers to get deep and uninterrupted sleep. Portable sleep machines creat safty sleep environment when travel. that allows this machine to attach to car seat, stroller, or chair.
  • ♫ Portable & Sleep Therapy -- Ideal portable sound machines for relaxation, creating a similar atmosphere for better sleep while in a strange environment. Sleep soother travel sound machines is lightweight to take and mini shape suits to most bags and suitcase. Aiugko white noise maker can only be charged using standard Micro-USB.

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