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ZHUF Super Tape: Strong Double Sided Heavy Duty Nano Tape, Transparent, Multipurpose mounting Tape, Photo, Carpet, Life hack (9.85Ft)

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  • Our and improved 2022 nano gel material is coated with PE film, is super adhesive and super elastic for better and longer performance.
  • Multipurpose - it serves many purposes and is the ultimate life hack tool. Use it to hang pictures, stabilize moving carpets, fixate table or chair legs, attach navigation or miscellaneous items in cars, art projects, cables, hooks and many many more.
  • Super Strong - our super tape can hold up to 5 pounds of weight. Ditch nails, screws and permanent damage to your walls with this super adhesive double sided tape.
  • No Residue - It is easy to remove with no damage and residue to the surfaces.
  • Reusable - It can be washed and reused so you get great mileage out of it.Applicable Surfaces
    Glass, Marble, Ceramic, Wood, Plastic, Metal, LeatherNot applicable Surfaces
    Paint Wall, Powder Wall, Wet or Oily Surfaces, Uneven SurfacesHOW TO USE
    1️⃣Clean both surfaces to be used and let dry
    2️⃣Apply tape to the item and cut
    3️⃣Peel off the clear protective film
    4️⃣Stick item to the surface and press down for 25 secondsHOW TO REUSE
    1️⃣Easily remove tape by applying hot air from hair drying to loosed bond and peel carefully
    2️⃣Wash tape with detergent to get it well cleaned
    3️⃣Let it dry completely and reuseSTORAGE
    The ZHUF Super Tape is very sticky, keep it stored in the plastic package.

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