Clearance Sale! $1.99 Only – Insect Repellent Silicone Bracelets – Funny Gifts – No Reviews Required!


IMPORTANT: Minimum Quantity Per Purchase: 100 Units

WARNING FOR PEOPLE WITH BLOOD - Do you or your loved ones live near the woods or a body of water, or go outside whenever the weather permits - EVER? You are at risk of being preyed upon by tiny flying vampires. Let these Silicone Insect Repellent Bracelets tell them to Fack Off! Tropical disease viruses lurk just beneath the fangs of those blood sucking insects.
USEFUL AND FUNNY - PERFECT AS GIFTS! - Looking for something to give your family or friends on their birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement or promotion? Check out our packaging. Your family and friends will surely get a good laugh from this any-and-all-occasion item that they can use all year round.
AWARDS AND ENDORSEMENTS - It is a well-known fact that Fack Off! bug products are the #1 preferred brand by deep woods deer in America. Our rich history, however, reaches much farther back than that. We were proudly the #3 bug product used by Vikings during European raiding trips (view product photos for more info). Most notably of all, we were a main sponsor of the promiscuous Erik the Red.
EFFECTIVE - If you’re tired of slapping, scratching and just generally being annoyed to (swear word removed) when the bugs come out, then you’re in the right place. Don’t risk having your hike, camping trip, suntan or evening on the patio ruined by bloodthirsty winged villains. One bracelet will do, though for the mean blood suckers in Texas or Florida, try two. (Can be worn on ankles, too, btw.)
SAFE - Got sensitive skin? No worries. These harmless, non-toxic, DEET-free bands are safe even for kids. No chemicals, fluoride compounds or Methyl Bromide that cause rashes or burning. If you’re still hesitant wearing them on any body part, just clip onto your shirt, jeans, shorts or backpack. The Citronella smell is as sickening to insects’ antennae as kryptonite to Superman. A bit on the heavy side? No biggie (pun intended, of course).
DOES THIS STUFF WORK? - Damn straight. Jokes aside, these sweet looking wristbands shield you from bugs for 5 to 7 days after opening. We also back this up with a No Facking Questions Asked, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you’re not happy for any reason, just let us know and we will torpedo a refund in your direction. Ballzy, ain’t it? That’s just how confident we are in how happy you’ll be....

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