Beautural Suction Pore Cleanser and Blackhead Remover, USB Rechargeable Electric Vacuum Beauty Device and Acne and Comedones Removal Treatment Tool, Pimple Extractor and Microdermabrasion Exfoliating …

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ADJUSTABLE, STRONG SUCTION – Up to 53kPa of suction force with 3 intensity levels to powerfully vacuum and suck out blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.
SAFE & PAINLESS – Developed together with skin experts, scientists and dermatologists. Made from high quality, non-toxic ABS material to be gentle on skin. CE, FCC and RoHS certificated for safe use at home.
4 MULTIFUNCTIONAL PROBES – Big round probe powerfully removes blackheads and acne. Small round probe accesses hard-to-reach areas. Microcrystalline probe exfoliates dead skin. Oval probe firms and lifts facial skin, prevents fine lines and wrinkles.
RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE - Cordless operation with no need for replacement batteries. Lasts more than one hour on a single USB charge.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We provide a 30-day full refund and 12-month warranty with friendly customer service. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us for full technical support.

Beautural Pore Cleanser

Removing blackheads the old fashion way?
Skin can become damaged and blackheads can increase in the future when squeezing pores by hand, using blackhead masks, picking out blackheads with needles and using harsh salt face scrubs. Leave these behind and better care for your skin with Beautural Pore Cleanser, a non-invasive, multifunctional vacuum blackhead remover that uses suction to remove and cleanse dirt from inside and outside of pores.
This elegantly-designed beauty product uniformly smooths the skin’s surface and improves complexion, leading to clearer, healthy-looking skin and clean pores for years to come!

USB Charging

Recharge by connecting the USB charging cable to a USB adapter, power bank, or even a computer or laptop. Quick charges from empty to full in only 90 minutes and supports 60 minutes of use for a single charge.

3 Intensity Settings

Level 1: Weak suction force, perfect for sensitive skin.
Level 2: Moderate suction force, for small blackheads.
Level 3: Super strong suction, for stubborn blackheads.

Designed for Portability

Beautural Pore Cleanser has a compact, unibody design that’s super convenient for portable use at home and for travel. Place it in a handbag or suitcase for beautiful skin no matter where life takes you.

4 Unique Non-invasive Probes

Large Round Probe: For powerfully removing blackheads, acne, pimples, white comedones, grease, dirt and cosmetic residues. Recommended for use once a week, five minutes at a time.

Small Round Probe: For gently extracting blackheads, acne, pimples, white comedones, grease, dust and cosmetic residues that are unreachable with the large round probe.

Microcrystalline Probe: For effectively exfoliating dead skin for smooth, brighter looking skin and increasing skin surface absorption of your moisturizer, cream, and serum.

Oval Probe: For daily skin care and management of wrinkles at the corner of the mouth, nose or cheek. Use in a down to up motion for lifting facial skin.

Use Directions

Step 1: Remove all makeup and wash your face. You can also take a bath, use a facial steamer or apply a hot towel to facial skin to enlarge pores.
Step 2: Attach the desired attachment probe to the cleanser. Test the cleanser and its suction strength on your hand before using it on your face.
Step 3: Start with the lowest suction level. Move the cleanser across the surface of the skin in one direction.
Step 4: When finished, clean your face with cold water. You can also apply a cold towel, a facial mask or moisturizing cream to shrink pores.


Size: 195mm × 40mm
Net Weight: 120g (4.2oz)
Suction Force: ≤53kPa
Input Power: 2.5W
Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 500mA
Battery Capacity: 450mAh
Charging Time: 90 mins
Usage Time: 60 mins
Standby Time: 3 months

Included Items

1 × Beautural Black Remover
1 × USB Charging Cable
1 × Microcrystalline Attachment Head
1 × Small Round Attachment Head
1 × Large Round Attachment Head
1 × Oval Attachment Head
1 × Instruction Manual

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