90% OFF Silicone Pet Food/ Shoe Mat Multi-Purpose

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EXCELLENT FOR PETS – Our 19” *12” mat can be used for dog/cat bowls, in rabbit or hamster cages, as Anti-slip pads, no sliding when your dog/cat eats or drinks.
IDEAL FOR SHOES AND BOOTS - No muddy footprints. Can be used at door entrances, garages, kitchens, offices, shop entrances, homes entrances.
LASTING AND EASY TO CLEAN - Durable non-allergenic Silicone. Water and dirt resistant. Hose or sponge to clean and also dish washer safe.
PROTECT FLOORS FROM SPILLS AND STAINS - Multi-purpose and safe, nontoxic, non sticking, impermeable.
FUNCTIONAL – Flexible, light weight/portable, easy to store, transport and is 100% FDA certified.BENEFITS OF THE Cage Sents PREMIUM MAT

• SPILL PROTECTION: This Silicone mat is water-resistant. It will also protect your floor or carpets from chemicals, paints and other cleaning liquids or other materials you may be using around your house!

• IDEAL FOR BOOTS/SHOES: If you're sick of tracking dirt and grime throughout your house then this mat is for you. Designed with anti-slip pads, Perfect for any entryway to keep your shoes, boots and other footwear organized neatly.

• EXCELLENT FOR CATS AND DOGS: This premium mat is perfect for dogs and cats! You can use it as a feeding station or for cats to place their litter trays on so they can wipe their feet after going potty. For small dogs it can also be used to hold pee pads in place.

• SMALL PET CAGES: Not just for larger pets, the mat can be used as the perfect cage liner for any type of smaller animal. Makes for a liner for bird cages, guinea pig cages, rabbit cages, hamster cages, as well as, many others!

• SHORTENS CLEANING TIME: Makes cleaning a breeze not only for pets, but for household chores and cleaning too as it will protect against chemical and other spills with ease!

• 100% ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from 100% recycled polypropylene, this tray is the ultimate environmentally-safe product.

• MULTI-PURPOSE: FDA approved and high quality, this mat is also a table placemat.

• FLEXIBLE: soft silicone placemat allow you to roll it up,to fold or just keep it flat to store in the drawer.

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