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QUALITY SAFETY EAR PLUGS - high protection isolation from external noise - decibel reducing ear plugs that can be used in a variety of noisy environments - Whether you're in the city, at a concert, festival or attending a sport event, on a flight, train, in bed struggling to sleep because some one is snoring, In any place while you are doing some reading.
HYPOALLERGENIC & NON-TOXIC - natural soft silicone ear plugs that require minimal maintenance and give the best performance and durability, Long life hearing protectors are provided with hygienic carrying case!!! -
BUILT TO LAST. The Earplugs have been constructed with premium materials, to create a durable product that can be worn over and over, every day. Easy to carry in their own protective case that attaches to keychain, so you can keep them at your fingertips. Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
WASHABLE & REUSABLE STANDARD SIZE - very comfortable !!!

• #1 HEARING PROTECTION, SAFEGUARD YOUR EARS against loud sounds or noises that can leave a lasting damage to your hearing like tinnitus & noise induced hearing loss.

• PROFESSIONALLY RETAIN MUSIC, VOICE & CONVERSATION volume through 1unique set of earplugs with variable protection attenuation filters that do not muffle the sound like foam earplugs.

• PERFECTLY FITS THE EAR CANAL with precise, cone shaped earplugs tip to fit a range of ear sizes and to ensure a great and lasting seal for your specific needs.

• NATURAL SOFT SILICONE MATERIAL THAT IS HYPOALLERGENIC & NON-TOXIC for better comfort and prolong usage, does not cause itch or allergic reactions like other plastic or PVC material


• When sleeping
• When travelling on a noisy plane, bus, train, motor bike
• Reading in a noisy place
• Swimming
• Riding
• At work(noisy work environment)
• At gigs, noisy clubs, concerts


• Cage Sents hearing protectors have an average noise reduction ratio of 23dB
• Allows ventilation to reach the auditory duct
• Best performance and durability with minimal maintenance
• TUV AND CE Certifications.

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