55% Off Toddler Anti-Lost Safety Harness – Wrist Link Strap Harness Wristband with Padded Wrist Protection, Reinforced Joint Connection | 60 inch for Baby, Children, Kids in Crowded Place (60 inches, Blue). Only $5.99!

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Why you choose HapHapKid anti-lost wrist harness?

1. Made of durable Stainless Steel wire in 1.5 meter / 60 inches long inside and coated with PU cover outside, strongly protect your kids from lost
2.Wrist Protection: Your kids' wrist is protected by high class padded cotton material made cozy strap, which is breathable and highly flexible. Much better than those made of poor polyester material. Don't worry to leave scratches after wearing
3. Reinforced Joint Connection: comparing to cheap wrist harness, the joint of or anti-lost wrist link are renovated with stainless steel and double stitched nylon fabric. It won't come off easily and can stand very hard pull strength

Practical Application:

1.This anti-lost wrist link connects with Hand, Backpack, and Stroller conveniently, easy to use it without hassle.
2. The Child Wrist Link is perfectly suitable for crowded places like super market, subway and suitable for outdoor activities perfectly, like traveling or shopping, etc.

Wearing Tips:

1. This Anti Lost Wrist Link is only used to keep the kids from lost, it cannot prevent the kids from falling on the ground. You still should keep an eye on your kids.
2. The harness is elastic, and it will have a mutual pull between kids and parents when wearing it. So when going out, parents should keep following the kids closely to avoid kids falling from the pull strength. And do not PULL for fun!!
3. Some kids are not used to wearing this harness, especially those energetic boys. Demo yourself before wearing for them and be patient to talk sense out of it. They will wear it ultimately, for safety cause.


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