50% OFF * The Spherical Miracle Silicone Ice Ball Maker – Makes 3 Large 2.5 Inch Spheres – Includes Free Funnel & Frozen Facts/Creative Quick Tips Insert.


 ARE YOU FRUSTRATED BECAUSE YOUR DRINKS ARE TURNING BLEAK BEFORE YOU CAN FINISH?Do you feel like you are in a race against time because your drinks get watered down by that boring ordinary ice too quickly? Do you want to add sophistication and fun to your favorite beverage? Do you need more options and ideas of creativity for parties?THE FROZEN FACTS AS TO WHY SPHERICAL ICE IS BETTER❄ It is a scientific fact that an ice sphere has less surface area for the same volume of ordinary ice, which drastically slows down the melting process. ❄ One 2.5 Inch Ice Sphere will keep your beverage crisp and refreshing for long after you pour it. ❄ Not only an ice tray, there are endless ways of use!FUN AND EASY TO USE AT ANY AGE❄ Features and fill line to ensure perfectly round ice spheres. ❄ Free Mini Silicone Funnel for easy filling. ❄ Soft to the touch and flexible for easy release of ice balls.BE CREATIVE WITH "THE BALL THAT DOES IT ALL"❄ Infuse ice ball with fruit to add character to your favorite drink. ❄ Freeze the mixture of your favorite beverage to eliminate the watering process completely. ❄ Microwave eggs in the tray for a quick meal with easy clean up. ❄ Put food coloring in your water before freezing to add a festive feel to holiday parties and special occasions.FANTASTIC FEATURES❄ 100% BPA Free, FDA Approved, Non-Stick Food Grade Silicone. ❄ Will withstand a temperature range of -40° - 450° F. ❄ Dishwasher and microwave safe and is easily cleaned with a sponge, warm water and mild soap.BUY WITH CONFIDENCE ❄ 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee ❄ No Questions Asked!!!...

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