Meixx Female Urination Device,Women Portable Lightweight Travel Urinal Violet Elderly Pregnant Women Travel to Line up the Urine Device,2Pcs


1、Convenience:For all age women, whether sitting or lying. The same applies to the inconvenience of the elderly, pregnant women are particularly useful on the toilet.
2、Health:The characteristics of female urinal is the biggest health, women urinate without contact ware, can prevent cross infection.
3、Quick:In the crowded tourist attractions, the female toilet door is always a long row of teams, the female urinal, can effectively alleviate the toilet queues phenomenon.
4、Use:When you are in line for a long time, when you go to the marathon, go camping, the toilet is not convenient. Can be used on the female urinal.
5、Anti side leakage:Classic fit design, effectively prevent side leakage....

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